LGHO is Devoted to Leading a Campaign Against Extreme Poverty in Haiti


La Gonave has remained the most isolated and underdeveloped island on earth where residents have no access to clean water, electricity, basic health care, and other resources to survive. LGHO is dedicated to reaching out to compassionate individuals and organizations worldwide with charity in their heart to help lift local residents from their decades of misery and restore their hope and dignity.

We are urging Christians and non-Christians around the world to join our campaign against extreme poverty in La Gonave, Haiti. “Blessed the one concerned for the poor; on a day of misfortune, the LORD delivers him. The LORD keeps and preserves him, makes him blessed in the land, and does not betray him to his enemies”, Psalms chapter 41:2-3.


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Advocacy & Safety

La Gonave Haiti Outreach advocates on behalf of families, children, and other citizens who have experienced some forms of injustice.  We will work continuously with the local authorities to ensure that the voices of the victims of abuses, such as intimate partner violence, sex and human trafficking, thieves, physical abuse, illegal arrests, child abuse, arbitrary revocation from work, excessive work hours with very low remuneration, sexual harassment at work and in schools, medical malpractice are heard accordingly.


We are striving to empower elected officials to create a system, which will recommend that churches’ personnel, health care professionals, teachers, and neighbors to report any suspected abuse, unsafe behaviors or violence, or illegal actions to the local authorities.

We are in great need to secure a fund to cover attorney’s fees in order to represent some of our victims in the Haitian courts.  We also welcome pro bono from trained attorneys to help represent those who cannot afford to cover their legal expenses.

Please donate or volunteer some of your time.

Clean water

There has been water crisis in La Gonave for decades. Imagine what it has been like to reside in an island where residents have no access to running and “clean water” in their homes. The Island is so underdeveloped that the residents have no-in house water connections and sewage services.  Most of the residents rely on rainwater and water from contaminated wells. And electrification, which could be essential to providing running water and sanitation in homes, schools, churches, and clinics, has been non-existent.  Poor sanitation and unclean water have made the population vulnerable to dying from or contracting cholera, diarrhea, and other waterborne diseases.



We seek assistance in providing vulnerable residents with access to clean water and sanitation services.  We specifically need technical and financial support to drill and purify the wells, treat water from rain falls, install hand-pumps and storage tanks and reservoirs in the small communities.

Please help.


More than half of the La Gonave’s residents are unemployed.  They have been among the world’s 1.2 billion of inhabitants who live on less than $1 a day. They are not receiving any form of assistance from the Haitian government. Most of these residents are families whose unique sources of income have been rooted in agricultural work. Unfortunately, their work has been fruitless due to the ecological degradation, which coincides with a lack of rainfalls and irrigation.


We are devoted to promoting economic empowerment by using the income-generation strategies to create opportunities for the impoverished families and children in La Gonave, Haiti to help them meet their basic needs and provide for their children.

  • We will work collaboratively with international farmers in Canada, in the United States, and other interested countries to recruit the maximum seasonal workers to work in their farms based on their needs;
  • We need assistance to create a supportive agricultural system, which consists of a sustainable irrigation system to help with production of basic food;
  • We also need assistance in creating a fishing system with the provision of relevant tools, storage equipment, and a marketable place;
  • We will initiate some small microenterprises with the assistance of the existing microcredit schemes through basic training and consultation with identifiable participants;
  • We need a minimum of $150,000 to create two Microcredit Scheme and People’s Banks in the Isolated Island. These banks will give needed residents access to a loan that will help them engage in building personal assets, such as purchasing some goods, such as fish, clothes, food, or animals which they will sell for small profits. The borrowers will pay a small interest or no interest on their loan periodically until they pay it off.


Thousands of La Gonave’s families and their children have been the victims of extreme hunger and starvation due to lack of resources, such as employment, social support, and agricultural production.  Most of the impoverished families can barely afford to have one meal a day.  There are no soup kitchens where they could go have a piecemeal.

Please help us secure a fund to feed and issue food voucher to those who suffer from extreme hunger and starvation in the isolated island on a daily basis.

Home Based Services

LGHO delivers, through trained staff, daily nutrition and medical care, including other services to elderly or senior citizens in their home.

Vocational Training & Scholarships

No high school graduates of La Gonave have access to colleges unless they cross the ocean to go to Port-au-Prince where renting a room to stay and paying for college tuition are not cost-effective. Our long-term goal is to build a community college for the first time in La Gonave to benefit high school graduates. Meanwhile, La Gonave-Haiti Outreach is committed to exploring fellowships and scholarships with colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, in France, and other countries to help high school graduates from La Gonave pursue their professional career in order to better contribute to the community post graduation.

Please contact us immediately if you are willing to donate some scholarships or fellowships, or assist in covering the college tuition for some college students.

Medical Care

We need doctors and nurses who are willing to volunteer some of their time to perform health screening, and provide basic medical care to sick people in La Gonave.  We also need assistance in collecting and storing first aid medications that will contribute to providing relief to sick and needy patients.



We are urging the groups of medical professionals, such as doctors and nurses who do mobile clinics in Haiti or elsewhere quarterly to favor La Gonave the opportunity to benefit some of their medical blessings.

Contrary to well-developed countries, more than 95% of La Gonave residents do not have a medical doctor or a dentist.  Most of the pregnant teenage girls or women have given birth to their babies in their home without having had a medical check-up or prenatal care. Residents in needs have not had any basic health screenings, which could detect some medical conditions that would require the use of a preventive intervention.

The lack medical care and transportation of severely sick people to the local “hospitals” is one of the La Gonave residents’ nightmares.  Many of them have died prior to arriving or shortly after they have arrived at the “hospital” or at the “medical clinics” which have limited resources to treat them.  Some of the predisposing factors of the medical problems among most of our residents include, but are not limited to the followings: unclean water, unsanitary food, malnutrition, dust and garbage odor from the streets, dead animal’s smell, mosquitoes, unprotected sex, expired medications, contamination, poison, motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and animals’ accidents.

Following the 2010’s massive earthquake, which devastated Haiti, many of La Gonave’s residents have contracted malaria and cholera from which they had died due to lack of medical care, including its cost-ineffectiveness.  If they were to cross the ocean to travel to the country’s capital to receive better care, it would be a nightmare for them.

Please help secure a fund to cover the medical cost of the sick families and children.  You can also volunteer some of your time if you are medical professionals.


More than 70 % of the La Gonave’s families are in critical financial distress, which has made it extremely challenging for them to keep their school age children in school.  School tuition, school supplies, uniforms, transportation, and food are additional burden for most of the students’ parents or legal guardians throughout the Island.



We are seeking for organizations and people with good heart to financially sponsor the education of needy children and assist us in building some education centers in La Gonave, Haiti in order to create a healthy living and learning environment for them. Additionally, we need assistance in buying desks and building a library, as well as a computer laboratory for the students.

Our students have no access to internet, no access to computer laboratory, no access to public library.

Please help us with school tuition, school supplies, uniforms, transportation, food, computer laboratory, and school library however you can.

La Gonave Haiti Outreach has founded an Education Center in a rural area (between 2nd and 3rd municipal district) with the capacity of students youth who are currently receiving primary education a slum church. Most of these students walk more than 5 miles daily to the Center.  Despite the level of their hunger, including their medical and clothing needs, their motivation to learn and acquire basic education has forced them to keep up with their school attendance.  This program is expected to grow on a yearly basis. Our graduates will have the option to pursue their high school education, including being enrolled in a vocational training, which could be sponsored by LGHO or by other non-governmental organizations.

We are seeking to open up education centers in other rural communities where youth have limited access to school.  A minimum of $ 2,700 will cover the salary of a qualified teacher for a full school year/ 9 months (with $300/per month).

Please donate

Please contact us if you are willing to donate a school bus, or a van, or a vehicle to help transport our students to and from school.


La Gonave Haiti Outreach (LGHO) empowers disadvantaged families to indentify and address social issues that affect their communities. LHGO is committed to empowering the families to take control of their lives, build personal assets, voice their concerns, and influence legislation that aims at promoting their welfare, facilitating macroeconomic development, and creating a healthy community.



Thousands of families and children of all age are in need of clothing. They specifically need shoes, sock, shirts, ties, skirts, dresses, jackets, undergarments, and hats, or anything that can be worn. Sadly, most of these needy children shamefully wear their longtime worn-out clothing frequently to schools, to churches, to recreational activities, to funerals, to sports, and to other activities in the community.



It has been extremely challenging for many families and children to reside in slum houses with leaked roofs, with no windows, no cross ventilation, having cracked floors and walls, which harbor unwanted insects, such as ants, bedbugs, fleas, and mosquitoes that have created stressful and unsanitary conditions for them in their daily lives.  Many of them are homeless and living on the streets.

Please help move some of these residents out these deplorable and inhuman conditions by donating what you can to help repair their homes and build shelters for those who are homeless and living on the streets.


LGHO  is in need of building a shelter for battered women in their children, as well as providing them with individual counseling and case management services in the community.

Hadassah Winnie, was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus shortly after her birth. Instead of getting better, she has recently become blind and that she experiences various types of pain in her body.  Meanwhile, the accumulation of fluid in her brain has contributed to enlarging her head and making it bigger from time to time.


Sadly, Hadassah’s parents have become so hopeless that they feel that all the doors have been closed on them as they are presently in the most critical and emotional distress, including financial hardships.  There are two doctors in Rochester, NY area, one neurosurgeon and one pediatrician, who are willing to look at Hadassah's case.  They say that she needs to undergo  surgery as soon as possible.  According to these doctors, the longer she waits the less beneficial the surgery will be.


Please contribute what you can to help cover the medical costs and other miscellaneous expenses for this little girl.

Please help save the life of this 2 year old girl!